Nubyond Universal Creativity

Nubyond Universal Creativity (NUC) is an arts project whose objective of NUC is to promote social inclusion of people from different backgrounds, cultures and disabilities. We aim to remove barriers that exist, enabling people to see the available pathways to presenting and exhibiting their work. This creates an opportunity to celebrate individual uniqueness and creativity.






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Simon’s art:



Nubyond holds exhibitions where participants of Nubyond Universal Creativity (NUC) get to display their work. We also offer member of the community the opportunity to display their art work at selected exhibitions.


Exhibition Comments

  • Fantastic collection of artwork from a wide group of people. All so different. – Bryony Stanton
  • Great night, amazing art collection. Met some mazing people, we need more events like this in the community please. – Celia (Heavenly products & gifts)
  • I enjoyed this evening’s event. It was really enjoyable meeting new people and learning all of the different skills that they have, and showcasing arts & crafts skills. This type of event should be a permanent structure for more people in the community to enjoy. – Simms
  • Great event tonight…Good luck and I hope to be helping out more in the future. P.S. Thanks for the dinner & great artwork. – Lauren Phillips
  • Such a great launch for what will make a fantastic regular exhibition of local talent. I have thoroughly enjoyed the evening and would love to see this take place every month. Artists like this must have air time, all pieces fantastic. – Molly Luke
  • Great exhibition of art. Amazing evening enjoyed the night. Hope for many more exhibitions like this. Great night. – Sylva
  • Great variety in the works and a warm atmosphere. Long may the exhibition continue. – Kevin Connelly
  • A great selection of artwork, medium and subject matter. Thrilled to be a part of it. This will inspire me to do more. Talking to other artists and getting tips. A great motivator. – T. Berresford
  • Great art work, warm and welcoming environment, lovely evening. – K. Squire
  • An amazing and inspirational evening. A warm welcoming environment. Excellent event thanks to Simon Fenton and Nubyond! – M
  • Wonderful evening, Simon’s work is vibrant and very eye catching, lovely artwork. Lovely evening, wonderful people very warm welcome would recommend. – Samantha Brooks
  • A beautiful experience, such a high calibre of work and artistry. I look forward to many more. Warm, friendly, interesting and a pleasure to be part of it. – Jennifer Samuels