Skills in Music And Radio Technology (SMART) project. SMART is an interactive project targeted at engaging young people that are interested in learning about and enhancing their musical skills. We teach some of the basics that showcase developments within music. Allowing participants to gain an introduction to radio, sound engineering and DJ by using our individual music work stations.


Nubyond has their own Public Announcement Sound System (P.A.). We give members of the community the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience with our P.A. Users will gain an understanding of all fields relating to P.A. sound system including health & safety and sound reinforcement. Some areas within sound reinforcement users will learn how to successfully being able to wire up;  setting frequencies on the compressor or reverb; digital & analogue mixing desks and using active & passive speakers.


Nubyond’s studio includes a voice room, a control room and a recording hall. This studio was professional designed and built by Studio Wizard. We have the technology available for individuals to develop their skills within music. For example, users will gain an understanding the process of studio techniques from conception to production.