About Us

Nubyond is a Registered Charity Limited by Guarantee which is located in Birmingham. Nubyond was registered in December 2003.

We are governed by a Board of Directors with a Management Committee comprised  of a steering group with community based volunteers who provide their time and expertise.

We aim to provide support and to enrich the lives of socially disadvantaged young people and adults. We also target young people who are likely or at risk of being associated with anti-social behaviour and gang culture.

We do this by providing structured workshops and projects using Music, Art, Arts Technology and education, in an attempt to unlock individual potential and develop their skills. Our objectives are promote creativity, encourage self-expression and build self-confidence with an awareness of life skills to develop cohesion and better communities.

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Alternative Provision


Arts Technology



For any inquires regarding any of our services, please contact us at admin@nubyond.org.uk