Nubyond’s not in education, employment or training (N.E.E.T) project is aimed at 16 – 24 year olds to learn new skills and abilities. This is delivered with the assistance of experienced tutors also the use of the industry standard equipment and software.


Passport 2 Learning

Passport 2 Learning (P2L) is a framework developed to assist members of the community in addressing the challenges presented living in this digitally advanced, financially and socially challenged times.


Learning Curve

The Learning Curve is broken down into two parts, FLC & ELC.

The Family Learning Curve (FLC), initailly sponsored by the Big Lottery, is tailored to teach family members of all ages to come together o projects to share their knowledge.

The Employment Learning Curve (ELC) provides a range of training and education, supporting the community toward gaining new skills or improving existing ones.